Abbazia di San Lorenzo

The Church

Abbazia di San Lorenzo is home to a unique, rare, sacred and ancient beauty. The splendid church of San Lorenzo, the “Saint of the night of shooting stars*” was built in 1963 at the request of Cardinal Giuseppe Renato Imperiale and demonstrates the connection of the Abbey with its long history.

The Church tells of the cult of its Martyr and conveys with incredible intensity the sense of devotion and holiness that the saint experienced during his life. The XVII century walls, the antique frescoes, the stone floor: a unique scenery to protect your love promises and to exquisitely enhance a Special Wedding photography service.

*A tradition not known outside Italy, but a magical (and romantic!) night for Italians, falls on the 10th August, when St. Lawrence is celebrated. It is “the night of the shooting stars” where Italians, especially couples, turn their heads up to the sky to spot a shooting star and make their wishes.