Abbazia di San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo Hall

The essence of white, the design details, the lighting effects of the candles and lights dancing on the ancient fifteenth century walls.

San Lorenzo Hall is a special place where the ancient and modern interweaves and blends to create a refined and welcoming location. The green of nature, a starlit sky and two interwoven hands promising eternal love: the perfect setting for a magical moment.

The attention and eye for details of our professional staff make San Lorenzo Hall an ideal venue for congresses, cultural appointments, private parties and all the occasions that require design and functionality, elegance and exclusivity.


Why choose us?

When we talk about Abbazia di San Lorenzo we get emotional. No adjective would be enough to describe it as it deserves. To say that we are in love with the place would be a massive understatement. In fact, it is not about finding the right adjectives, but rather about describing a series of feelings and emotions that we experience any time we remember our event. The Abbey, with its history and its structures, takes your breath away at first sight. Spending and celebrating the most beautiful day of our life in the Abbey has been simply enchanting.”Luciano Luccarelli
From the very first moment we had no doubts. While Director Gino Colella was telling the story of the abbey, our hearts had already been stolen. We were charmed by his words and what our eyes saw! Thinking of the most beautiful day of our life in this location has made us daydream! And, when the day came, it gave us so many emotions: hospitality, smiles, kindness, every look was addressed to us and our guests. Thank you all for having made our day a fairy tale that we will never forget for the rest of our life! “Rosa Tortello