Abbazia di San Lorenzo

Melograni Hall

An interplay of colours and the scents of wisteria, hydrangea and splendid pomegranates dancing on secular walls and, all around, the bright white embrace: these are the ingredients that make Garden dei Melograni the perfect setting for your reception buffet at Abbazia di San Lorenzo.


Why choose us?

Stunning location. Not the usual reception room but a real place to discover. Every corner of the abbey is like a piece of heaven. What a wonder both day and night! Inside you can feel a suggestive atmosphere worthy of the finest fairy tales. We had a dreamlike wedding in mind and in fact, thanks to the help of director Gino Colella, his son Simone and the great Giuseppe, they made our dream come true. An unforgettable experience for us and for our guests that congratulated us for this event. “Samanta
We discovered Abbazia di San Lorenzo by accident when we were looking for a location with a “Puglia feeling”. When we visited the place, it blew us away and, being people from Puglia who loves their own land, we immediately realized that this would be our location. We wanted a place that told our non-Puglia guests about the culture, the architecture, the flavours and scents of our beautiful land. Our guests were so delighted that, after few weeks, they still congratulate us on the goodness and quality of the food, the attention to detail, the professionalism and finesse of the staff and the suggestive environments.”Chiara