Abbazia di San Lorenzo


Abbazia di San Lorenzo tells stories of love and devotion. Famous names and characters have elevated its sense of beauty, its artistic value and the ability to be a unique place in Puglia.

The history of this one-of-a-kind wedding location begins in the XVII century. At the time it was a grange of the Abbey of the Greek monks of St. Nicholas of Otranto. In 1693, commissioned by Cardinal Giuseppe Renato Imperiale, a beautiful church was built inside, still enchanting visitors throughout Italy.

Since 1798, the Amati – Colucci family intertwines their family history with that of the Abbey, managing every corner of its beauty.

Abbazia di San Lorenzo is a perfect union of charm, attention, dedication. Amongst white walls and ancient arches, overwhelmed by a hedonistic dimension of love, marrying will be the perfect starting point for a story to be written together.